Maxime Froget Maximum Life

I help Entrepreneurs to transform their lives through the elements that have allowed me to transform mine : mindset, energy, discipline.

I am Maxime Froget. Several years ago, when I was a computer engineer, my days were getting harder and harder, headaches, morning tiredness, poor concentration and memory, it couldn’t go on !

I became healthy by changing the way I eat. Thanks to a physiologically adapted diet, I was able to do without traditional medical treatments and regain overflowing energy. I then understood that there was something to understand and I discovered my passion for the field of well-being.

After several trainings (physiology, living food, iridology, etc.) and travels across several continents America, Asia and Africa, I understood the importance of including mental work and the establishment of high added value habits in my daily life in order to reach my goals.

Today a happy entrepreneur, I enjoy a general well-being of which I share the recipe, out of love for the human being and his possibilities.

I founded Maximum Life to help you to reach your goals and remain a market leader.

Convinced that the most important thing in life is not to go fast but to never stop, I propose a global coaching that aims for long-term benefits.

My follow-up is focused primarily on a deep knowledge of the mechanisms of your body and mind.

You will learn the secrets of a constant vitality, not based on excitants that make you dependent or on harmful chemicals. My goal is to make you autonomous by bringing you my expertise, result of several years of practice. 

We are made to live fully. A full life and to the maximum of your abilities, that’s what I propose you to build together with Maximum Life.