Determination, a Story of Conditioning

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Excellence does not succeed only at the most talented,daring in this world …

Our determination can lead us on the path of progression and freedom, as the opposite … Maximum Life
passion lead us here written on the floor front of two people
"Passion lead us here" written on the floor front of two people

To be determined YES, but why?

Before you even go headlong in one direction, it’s important to understand why you’re going to make these efforts. The deeper and more intense the reason, the more connected you will be to a powerful and limitless energy source.

For example, your company is implementing next-generation respirators, which will also save your parents' lives, both of whom are suffering from respiratory failure.

This is a case of sentimental determination, whatever the nature of the bond you are going to or have already created, made it as visceral as possible. As with your customers, the more pain there is, the more your skills will be sought …

neurologic book next to a cup full of coffee
Neurologic book next to a cup full of coffee

Logic cannot replace irrational action

Being determined often reveals an irrational side, but very important … This side, which may seem to the greatest number as irresponsible and without a future, is precisely the key to a future full of rebound and prosperity.

Only a few people are really ready to make this kind of sacrifice, to change profoundly and constantly. Few people are ready to completely leave their comfort zone for several years, in favor of a metamorphosed Being, like a butterfly that has just been born …

Unfortunately, this irrational side is boycotted in the teachings of the school system, and many people find themselves formatted in a matrix which in no way corresponds to their strong interior.

white box with true written on the front next to a macbook pro
White box with "True" written on the front next to a MacBook Pro

The Elevation of Being brings him closer to his truth

Each Being is unique and cannot have the same sources of inspiration and patterns of understanding as its neighbor.

However, it is strong to note that a good number of individuals rise, this change can be initiated by spirituality, the discovery of a new domain, a sentimental revelation … Many factors in this world can be the reason.

But what does the truth represent? Starting from the observation that everything is impermanent and that no one can live the identical life of another person, the truth is specific to each, this essence, source of motivation, will manifest in a different way for each individual.

person drowning in the ocean with his hand in the air
Person drowning in the ocean with his hand in the air

Pain, a factor of progression by Excellence

Understand that if your customers see in you, in your products, your services, an opportunity not to be missed to solve their problems/pains, this logic is only the reflection of what you must live each day to have a determination without limit.

Money allows certain security, a certain comfort, which can take you away from your objectives and bring you closer to it if it is judiciously used.

For example, an entrepreneur traveling the world; his lifestyle will lead him to be more and more nomadic and find a certain comfort in what was previously an extraordinary experience. Over time, the results progressing, he will probably gradually leave the reality of life, having completely disproportionate standards, which will only be a reflection of his new thought pattern.

It is a fact, Man becomes and remains anti-fragile in large part through the situations which push him to surpass himself. Apart from creating a new cocoon of silk will be perceived as counterproductive in a vision of progression.

bronze statue of a knight kneeling in front of a church
Bronze statue of a knight kneeling in front of a church

Humility, the very essence of limitless determination

In the era of the growing popularity of social networks, it is not uncommon to see more and more completely self-absorbed people. These new thought patterns are also wreaking havoc on many individuals, who constantly compare themselves to others…

Depression explodes around the world…

The human being is curious and self-centered, but no matter what happens, you cannot love another person more than yourself ... Taking your life partner as an example, he/she will reflect your personal requirements of a physical and mental point of view.

Only our Being is full of power, Love, which cannot be fully expressed without sharing, simplicity, and lucidity. This connection that you will keep with your loved ones, this humility, will make you grow wings that only the wisest people will be able to see, the latter will not fail to point out to you.


We often look very far and tenaciously for what is already part of us … The very meaning of life is only an inseparable component of our daily actions, this sum of events will make the Being determined, courageous, to the image of its unique, deepest conditioning.

I help Entrepreneurs to transform their lives through the elements that have allowed me to transform mine : Mindset, Energy, Discipline.