Entrepreneurship has never been so trendy…

Due to the living conditions which are more and more distant from our ancestors, a good number of people choose to leave the traditional system, the wage-earning system, to work on their own account and access this famous financial freedom.

But then why do so many people “fail” and so few people run the biggest businesses on the planet…

The art of living

First of all, let’s go back to your childhood, who were you before all the filters in society changed your thinking patterns ?

What were your dreams, your concerns, your desires ?

Come back to all those emotions that made you vibrate, which were the very essence of your daily actions, what you wanted to learn, understand, strive to become better day by day.

Our soul and conscience allow us to understand who we are and what place we should occupy in this world.

Yes, simple things are the most effective, but in view of our ever more hectic rhythms of life, we tend to modify our natural rhythm in order to conform to a mold which is probably not at the height of our existence.

Fear, prejudice, consumerism, inequality, politics, religion, the classical system of wealth creation… push human beings to change, while being more and more individualistic, it is a fact.

What am I for ?

No one can get the answers that only you can have by accessing this infinite source of knowledge, specific to your being, your subconscious.

Indeed, human beings have the gift of creating their own problems and very often look very far for what they could obtain in such a childish way.

But you understand, we are adults, which implies another way of behaving… Of course it is essential to assume your choices and go after your ambitions, whatever happens, it’s only like that we access our position of authority in this world.

The Mind… A whole story…

Wouldn’t our mind tend to play tricks on us every day ?

Why do we often tend to think about the future, to predict, to stress for multiple reasons ?

We are simply trying to control the uncontrollable, to give us a good conscience and reassure our reptilian brain…

As a result, the more time advances, the more people will be disconnected from their reality, our mind conditions us and today few people are able to understand this, in a lucid manner without too many filters.

Don’t we have a crucial point here, which will differentiate you from the majority ?

The Wisdom of Being…

Why do some people want to be successful, to be recognized?

Why don’t they stay in their place in society?

What drives them to outdo themselves?

Learn more and self-discipline?

The human being is perfectly designed to tend to very big challenges, we are beings who can overcome so many things, that we have been reduced to a mediocre existence, very far from the potential that sleeps in each of us.

Our being brings us all the Love we need, feeding on this Love, by connecting to ourselves is one of the reasons why people cannot bear to be alone, facing themselves, fear to see who we really are.

Besides, the wisdom of the great personalities of this world is not innate, these people do daily work on themselves, these same “efforts”, repeated, change personalities, guiding them towards the very essence of who they really are, in order to occupy the place intended for them in this world.

The switch…

There will even be several, like:

  • Quit your studies / your job to start a business,
  • Take distances with your family, your friends, in order to isolate yourself and work on the realization of your dreams,
  • Become unstoppable, whatever the circumstances (problem of money, time, emotional jumps …),
  • Become a benchmark in your field by leaving your comfort zone daily (articles, videos, interviews, books, conferences, seminars, TV platform invitations, etc.)

The adaptation of the human being is unlimited and can only be done by respecting its conditions of natural life, outside of any authoritarian system, exerting constant pressure, the art of detaching from the current world.

Physiologically speaking

Know that your enteric nervous system (digestive system) is connected to your central nervous system (brain) via the vagus nerve.

As a result, information is conveyed between these two systems, for information our digestive system accounts for no less than 500 million neurons… Don’t we say that our digestive system is our second brain …

Know how to adapt your diet in order to get as close as possible to a diet rich in minerals, vitamins, fibers, containing minimally processed, seasonal, local foods … The removal of poisons such as milk and gluten will also be a necessity . Also, the use of powerful tools, such as fasting in particular, will make it possible to balance the intestinal flora, vectors of emotions.

Good digestive health allows de facto good mental health, the dissipation of stress, anxiety, and nervousness.

Habits will die hard

The growth factor of a human being is often conditioned by his ability to act in a massive, controlled and humble manner.

This factor is expressed more with a mental and physical configuration worthy of precision watchmaking. Indeed, it will be necessary to anchor yourself in an ordered mental configuration and to print your subconscious from the first hour of each day.

Starting a day with a healthy frame of mind, in line with your goals, your reason for living, will bring you much more than all the mental configuration books put together.


It is necessary to understand that the success of a project, of a business will be the result of the cumulative effect of the group, the exchange of information between learned people …

The human being is a whole, both at the macrobiological and microbiological level, the majority of people who become market leaders, do what few people dare to do, question, change and this over the course of a lifetime.

With all my compassion,