We have all experienced this emotion at least once in our lives.

The fear comes mainly from our survival instinct, the fear of dying, of running out of food / money / time, the fear of being alone in front of yourself, your ambitions, who we really are …

This emotion, sensation, may be both perceived as a vector for progression, or, conversely, serve a Being.

Where does fear come from ?

It is essential to understand that fear does not really exist, that this feeling is only the fruit of our mind.

Indeed, in any situation a person can feel this emotion, which is none other than a creation of his personal interpretation, of a particular situation.

Our past, events perceived as painful, can generate us a situation of discomfort, which generally leads to fear.

Few people in this world have the ability to fully experience the present moment, entertainment of all kinds, as well as multiple external requests (daily, telephone, social networks …) are all factors that distance us from our being, from this ability that we have to fully experience the present moment.

Yes, this moment is the key that will separate you from the various fears that you may feel, our mind feeds its existence by making us think of all kinds of things from the past and the future.

Recognizing it and taking a step back on this observation is a first step.

Is fear natural ?

Yes absolutely and although personal, it remains universal. Fear has always existed and due to its nature, has caused many tears.

We are beings with the ability to sense and step back from our emotions. However, this requires training; like when you want to lose weight, gain muscle, become an expert in a field, nothing happens by chance, everything is a matter of process and discipline in this world.

How to protect yourself from fear ?

Real protection does not exist, in the very sense of the term, because of the nature of this emotion it is not really possible to protect it, but, as for health, it is possible to preserve and act in prevention.

First, start by listing all your fears that come back periodically, this can also be a trauma related to a particular situation from your childhood …

Once this is done, I invite you to identify the feeling that precedes this feeling of fear, identify it and then analyze it.

What are your conclusions?

How to use fear as a vector for progression ?

Our thought patterns are functions of our past, information that our subconscious has so far stored, this is the next point that I wanted to discuss with you.

We have all the capacity for progression, all the answers to our various questions, within us, but we spend our time questioning ourselves and wondering about various things.

In fact, our subconscious has this capacity to give us all the keys that we will need to fulfill our destiny.

As I said before, fear can build you as well as destroy you, it is a fact and it is important to be aware of it.

To each situation, an adapted mental reaction, a reprogramming of your emotions will be a necessary step, for that I encourage you to look at the technique of EFT.

Fear and Business, a big deal

As many entrepreneurs say, you have to know how to overcome your fears.

I partially agree, our fear remains essential in the sense that it will allow us to surpass ourselves, whatever happens, the nuance lies in the interpretation of this emotion.

Indeed, many entrepreneurs use this feeling to drive them to their success, to invaluable wealth, why?

Identifying fear as a positive process will inevitably lead you to more positive thoughts, which will become, with practice, a real source of energy and inspiration.


Fear is an ugly defect for some, for others it is a vector of progression essential to their success, each of us is free to interpret it as we wish, just know that it is full of energy that can benefit you throughout your life.