Management, Priorisation, Social Exchanges.

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€ 997,00 EUR

About the service

Leadership is the key for each company who want to grow.

Team strength is important and CEO is here to inspire managers.

What results can I expect?

  • Grow your team spirit.
  • Manage your staff with flexibility and lightness.
  • Emphasizes innovation.
  • Operates with relative independence.
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Inspire followers

Time & Recurrence:

1h coaching a week + unlimited access to me (text, call, video).

Video conferencing tool:

By Google Hangout.

Do you have any questions?

For more information contact me.

Results that speak for themselves

Great results!

“More than ever, I am becoming more disciplined, more motivated, more positive and more organised.

I am taking more control of my business decisions, so my business is now growing exponentially.

If you are looking for guidance, clarity, challenges, responsibility, Maxime is the right person for you.

Thank you Maxime, I know that I will take all this learning with me forever !”


High-Impact Consulting

Maxime is for me the most competent person to help you in the development of your health and energy.

He has helped me in my daily life as an entrepreneur to become a better version of myself and achieve my goals.

I recommend him to you 100%.


Totally Recomended

“I was able to apply the precious advice Maxime gave me in a period when I was lacking energy.

It allowed me to understand first of all the reasons for this lack of energy, and then to have concrete solutions to put in place.

I now have a lot more punch in my day-to-day life, thanks to this new routine that has been put in place.

I 100% recommend that you talk to Maxime, he's an expert and his advice is very valuable.”


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Management, Priorisation, Social Exchanges.

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