Yes it is quite possible to manage its employees, providers, without stress and without feeling waves of emotions of all kinds…


As I write this article, I remember my first steps as a computer engineer, I worked for large groups.
At that time I was not yet practicing all this science, which now accompanies me every day and I can tell you that it makes a big difference (mental clarity, calm, focus, productivity …).

My days were more and more exhausting, my ability to focus on the essentials became more and more critical for my productivity, my recurring nods, my bad mood … What a plague!
But when I think about it I did well to go through this step, it now allows me to see things from a different angle. 🙂

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Indeed, nothing is due to chance in this world, if you wish to obtain a clear mind, sharpened like a razor blade, it will be necessary to work and not to go against what you live, because it is the very essence of your destiny.

As The Prayer of Serenity says so well:
God, give me the grace to accept things that cannot be changed with serenity, the courage to change those that should be changed and the wisdom to know the difference.

Alone we go faster, with others we go further, YES, but under the condition of being aligned.
Be already aligned with yourself, then with your partners, this will avoid future quarrels.



It’s very simple, the evidence of simple things often seems complicated to us… 😉

– First step: Take a deep breath, you’re alive, the birds are chirping !

Start by using cardiac coherence methods, it’s a good place to start.
For this you can breathe in counting to 5 and breathe out in the same interval.

I recommend you Kardia Deep Breathing (IOSAndroid)

– Second step: Include a 10-minute meditation session upon waking and / or in the evening, before going to bed.

We do not control our mind, if you are not already experienced, I challenge you to close your eyes and focus only on your breath, you will see that after a few minutes your mind will take over in you making us think of things from the past, the future and the “modern” environment in which we live only amplifies this imbalance.

I recommend the following applications:
– Free: Headspace (IOSAndroid)
– Paid: Calm (IOSAndroid)

To live a deep meditation experience, you can consult the article that I made following the Vipassana meditation retreat.

– Third step: Change your eating habits, our digestive system is connected to our brain via the vagus nerve.

It’s like you’re playing with a puppet, pulling on her strings to make a face or rather a big smile.
Everything we eat affects our brains, the way our digestive system works too, take care of it…
I will cover this part in more detail in a future article.


These elements constitute a good starting point so that your body / mind are more appeased, this state will allow you to act in a more framed way while having this essential flexibility which allows healthy human exchanges and favorable to development.