Maxime Froget

I help entrepreneurs to transform their lives through the elements that have allowed me to transform mine : Mindset, Energy, Discipline.

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About Me

The story and experience of Maxime Froget

I help entrepreneurs to transform their live through the elements that have allowed me to transform mine : Mindset, Energy, Discipline.

Hey guys my name is Maxime Froget, several years ago my life was totally different.

I worked for a big company as a computer engineer, my daily life was fixing functional and technical issues for an hours, in the meantime I also have to dealt with colleagues, directors etc...

With the time goes by, I felt far, far away from myself, I began to questioning my life.

Why I'm born to this world? It is to follow the flow? To stay in my comfort zone? What I really want in my life? What is happiness?

I believe we do experienced the same feeling, wondering around and asking yourself, in a such questions.

After I realised what I wanted in my life, I gained confidence in myself to create my own dreams, my life desires became clear, one of it is to build entrepreneurs to reach their goals with their own power.

I spent most of my free time to learn, to understand how the human behaviour, body, brain works together.

I understood the importance of building a strong mindset, with the establishment of high added value habits in my daily life, in order to reach my goals.

Thanks to a physiologically adapted diet and building a strong mind, I regained overflowing energy by changing the way I think, eat and act.

Today I'm feel more younger than before, my life has been transformed, my body, my mind and my daily habits are now align with my goals.

I've created Maximum Life to help entrepreneurs around the world to reach their goals and remain a market leader.

Convinced that the most important thing in life is the quality instead of quantity.

I propose a personalised coaching that aims for long-term benefits and following-up focused primarily on a deep knowledge of the mechanisms of your body and mind.

There is a seed inside each of us, a seed that make us beautiful and unique.

Maximum Life is here to help you express your talent in this world and to reach the next step in your life.

Energy is in you, as the keys to your success.

Maxime Froget

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My  Past Clients

Great businesses that trust my work

Because quality always
make the difference


To help entrepreneurs have a positive impact on society

My life mission is to help the entrepreneurs to be healthy, to have all their physical and psychological abilities. More I will help people, more they will have impact, this is my life mission.

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