Maxime froget

Life Coach

”  Energy is inside you …
As the keys to your success.



Increase your projects vision by having the full capacity of your means


Become this person who is dear to you, unique, who shares so many beautiful values


Overflows with energy simply !


Your business is growing with your health and that of your employees

What is Maximum Life ?

A unique approach, based on years of research, analysis, improvements, on the various pillars of health.

Who is this coaching for ?

To motivated people to change their lives, my goal is to make you progress quickly. To bring a significant change in your life. Become that person who is dear to you, unique, who shares so many beautiful values.

What is the coaching process?

In order to better approach our first meeting, you will find here the description of each step.

1. Presentation call (30min)

The opportunity to get to know each other.
During this interview, I will let you introduce me to your current situation and your goals.

2. Setting up a custom evolution process

Every human being develops in a different way and needs to focus on different elements following these goals.

3. Monthly point

In order to always bring you more visibility, each month we make a global point.
The opportunity to focus more on your evolution.

4. When do we begin ?

Albert Einstein used to say :

“The craziness is to always do the same thing, and expect the results to be different” …

To your full happiness,


Coaching Plans

Increase your energy, your productivity in the next 2 months

More Details

– Format : 2h coaching

– Platform : Zoom

– Overall assessment (physiological, psychological, habits)

– Personalized advice allowing you to transform your daily life

– Simplicity = Efficiency

Freedom is priceless, as is health

More Details

– 1 month : 1h  coaching / week

– Platform : Zoom

– Overall assessment (physiological, psychological, habits)

– Personalized advice to transform your daily life

– Elaboration of an exit plan allowing you to live your dreams

– Tips allowing you to progress at great speed

Join the team of 1%

More Details

2 available plans :

– 3 months : 1 hour coaching / week

– 6 months : 2 hours coaching / month

– Platform: Zoom

– Years of study, reflection, application to your service

– Energy is the starting point for any significant changes

– The health of a company depends on the overall health of its team and its manager(s)

– The results become significant in the action

– The desire to explode, to go to the next level, is the starting point of all changes

– We are the keyring of our future

– Good mental and digestive health totally transforms us

– Time is a rare resource for those who understand its importance

– Entrepreneurs want to have more time like employees

– Full health is not a need but a necessity to persist in time

About me

« I help people transform their lives through the elements that have allowed me to transform mine : nutrition, physical activity and a mind of steel. »


I am Maxime Froget. Several years ago, when I was a computer engineer, I became healthy again by changing my way of feeding myself. Thanks to a physiologically adapted diet, I was able to dispense with traditional medical treatments and regain boundless energy. I then understood that there was something to dig and I discovered my passion for the field of well-being.

After several trainings (physiology, living food, iridology, etc.) and travels across several continents in America, Asia and Africa, I understood the importance of including physical activity and mental work in my daily life so to achieve my goals. Today a happy entrepreneur, I enjoy a general well-being of which I share the recipe, out of love for the human being and his possibilities.

I founded Maximum Life to help you to reach your goals, whatever they may be (finding energy, starting a business, losing weight, passing an exam, overcoming difficult times, etc.). Convinced that the most important thing in life is not to go fast but to never stop, I propose a global coaching that aims for long-term benefits and that does not compartmentalize the physical and the mental. My follow-up is focused primarily on a deep knowledge of the mechanisms of your body and mind. Whether you are an entrepreneur or employee, young or more experienced, you will learn the secrets of a constant vitality, not based on excitants that make you dependent or on harmful chemicals. My goal is to make you autonomous by bringing you my expertise, result of several years of practice.


We are made to live fully. A full life and to the maximum of your abilities, that’s what I propose you to build together with Maximum Life.