The Mindset Of Success [Transcript]

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It's all about the Mindset in this world!
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Today I'm going to talk about the Mindset that will allow you to achieve success in everything you do, everything you do personally and professionally. I really invite you to listen to this podcast until the end.

Hello it's Maxime Froget, welcome to the podcast "The Smart Entrepreneurs" by Maximum Life. The best place to improve your daily life and become the best version of yourself. I'm your coach Maxime Froget.

Today is a big day. Why is it a big day? Simply because I'm stepping out of my comfort zone again. Until now, all the podcasts I've offered you, apart from the very first one, I wrote my scripts simply to fit into a process, for SEO and all that, with my website and so on. The idea with the podcast is to connect with you.

And for that, the best thing is, I've got a few bullets points in front of me, the idea is to talk, even if everything is not perfect, nothing is perfect in this world. I wanted to explain that to you first.

First, as you know, Mindset first.

Why is that? Because, indeed, you can eat super clean, you can have as much money as you want, all that, the Mindset, it's the basis, because everything starts from there, everything starts from the words that you will choose, because these words will create your thoughts. These thoughts will create your actions. The actions that you will do on a daily basis, that you do on a daily basis will simply condition your future.

To have a positive Mindset every day, no matter what may happen in your life, to always move forward, to always see the good side of things, because life is really there to bring us everything we need every day, really.

There is no: "Ah! I was born under a bad star. Oh, I'm unlucky". No! Everything that happens to you on a daily basis is there to make you grow, really.

You say to yourself: "Nothing can stop me, I'm moving forward".

Never stop, never back down, because your future is ahead of you. It is not behind you. It is not by going back on what you are doing. If you are doing something at the moment, there is a reason behind it, and that reason goes all the way, goes after your objectives, goes beyond your objectives. That's really the point.

You're really growing every day. Everybody grows every day. And the more you're going to strategize, the more you're going to strategize... You're going to have a really positive view of yourself and a really positive view of life and seeing yourself also, accomplishing your goals, that's really going to make you grow as a person. Burn all boats,
move on! You know, as we often say in the world of entrepreneurship, the Vikings who arrived on an island, burned all their boats and then... They were fighting and they had no choice but to go back. It was either they were going to defeat their enemies or... They just couldn't go back. Don't give yourself a choice.

The more choice you give yourself, the more you miss out on these great opportunities that are there for you. There can be any obstacle in your way. Everyone has obstacles. I am the first one. I have them little by little. I already had them. And now, as an entrepreneur, I have even more.

But why? Because you grow with these obstacles. These obstacles are not really obstacles. It's simply life that challenges you. And these challenges are only there to make you grow.

Keep that in mind, it's really important. Once you have this vision of things, once you see these obstacles that are not there to diminish you, but to increase you and increase your capacity to act, to have an even greater vision, even more beautiful, to help even more people, it will really make a difference in your daily life.

Another important thing is to love yourself deeply. I say love deeply, because everything is linked to love in this world.
And the fact that you take time for yourself, that you listen to yourself, but also that you perform behind all that, I'm not saying to meditate all day and do nothing, the goal is really to find a certain balance, to love yourself, to accept yourself as you are. To accept yourself with your "flaws" in quotes, which are not really flaws. It's just you, how you interpret things.

The fact of loving yourself deeply will make you love others in return and you will become a real magnet for the people around you. A magnet. When I talk about being a magnet for the people around you, it is also from a professional and personal point of view.

You have everything to gain and also to always see the good side of things. That also comes with the love you give yourself. Another thing to consider is uniqueness. Every human being is unique. Each human being has his own past, his own present and his own future and each human being is designed to accomplish a life mission, to accomplish things in his life rather, not only one mission, different missions, but these are things that are unique to him.

And even if, for example, we talk about competition and all that; I invite you to listen to a previous podcast I did on this; on the fact that competition does not exist. That's really what it is.

Even two people who do exactly the same thing, who talk about exactly the same thing, these people will not necessarily have the same results, because they will not necessarily reach the same people, because it's your personality and your story that also makes people follow you or not. It's mostly that.

The energy you give off, all that, is really who you are. And I am who I am. Before, I asked myself too many questions. I used to say to myself: ah, I have to do this, like this, like that, because if I don't, people, the people around me, will think this, that, that.

Now I'm moving forward, I'm simply doing what I have to do in this world. You can't please everybody.
It's a pretty important thing, because these are things that can block your development.

Also, I invite you to question yourself and say to yourself: "Why am I on this earth? Why am I living? What am I doing here?

The fact of being really anchored and connected with who you are, with what you are going to accomplish in this life, it goes through the visualization of your objectives, it goes through all that. The fact that you want these things deep inside you and the fact that you also want to help your fellow man, because everything is a question of love, as I was saying, that's what will really make the difference and not the opposite.

Another thing is what money means to you? Because, to take my case, it's true that before, I had a vision of money that was rather negative, we'll say. It was more, yes, having a lot of money, but afterwards, you're no longer connected with others. You're in another world, all that.

In terms of lifestyle, your lifestyle will evolve with your income if you also want to change certain things in your lifestyle, but you can very well, for example, I like to go to small bars here in Bali, to go to warungs, simply because I like this connection with the locals.

I also like eating local food and not necessarily being surrounded by foreigners all the time.

Nothing is incompatible, it's just you, how you see things.
And the money in the end, it will allow behind all this, to have more positive impacts on others, to help more people and therefore, to spread more love. In the end, it is ultra-positive.

Another thing is also in terms of your self-confidence, since this is another aspect. So here, I also give you different things to think about. These are things that I will have the opportunity to develop in other podcasts, but the idea here is to give you a general overview. That is to say, to speak globally without going into all the details, but in terms of self-confidence, it also makes a difference.

The way you see yourself, the way you act, if every time you act, if you do something, you are reluctant and say: "oh yes, but there is if there is that" and you ask yourself too many questions, you stay put. There are so many people who stay put like that today.

On top of that, we're in a digital world where we're overwhelmed with information, it's good to learn, to understand things, to always have your head in things that are out of context, because you can't do everything at the same time, you can't excel in everything. It's not possible. Now, you also have your goals and your priorities.
And that's what makes the difference. This is what will make the difference in your future.

Regaining self-confidence also means acting with confidence. It also allows you to prioritize your work in the best way, the way, because there is no best way, but it's really embodying the person you need to be in this world to move forward at the pace you need to move forward with the keys you have in you, that will allow you to achieve success.

I'm done with this episode. The idea is always to have episodes between 10 and 15 minutes. So, feel free to give me feedback on this podcast, on this new format.

Also, I invite you to look at the description of this podcast. Today, I mainly coach people on a one-to-one basis. Right now, I've got some training courses going on. I'll be posting all of this on social media soon. In terms of coaching, I still have places available. Don't hesitate.

Underneath this podcast, you'll see, there will be various links, including a link for a free action plan.
It doesn't commit you to anything. The idea is simply that you give me some information, that is to say, what do you want to achieve, what are your goals and how can I help you.

And I'll be happy to give you an action plan on things that I know well and that I continue to do... We are always evolving, there is no limit as you know. And it will be a pleasure to be able to help you and also, quite simply, for you to join this beautiful adventure that is Maximum Life. I wish you an excellent day or a beautiful evening and I say to you very soon!  

To your success!

Thank you for listening to this episode, to go further and move forward together you will find my contact information in the description of this podcast, take care of yourself and to your success.

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