There Are No Limits ! [Transcript]

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Your mind is your first limit!
In this episode I share with you a part of my story.
I also show you that anything is possible, I am living proof of that.




Today I'm going to talk to you about the limits that many people place on themselves. Just listen to this podcast. I'm going to give you my perspective and also share some of my story with you.

Hello this is Maxime Froget, welcome to the podcast "The Smart Entrepreneurs" by Maximum Life. The best place to improve your daily life and become the best version of yourself. I'm your coach Maxime Froget.

Before starting this new podcast, I really invite you to listen to the last episode on the Success Mindset. It will allow you to complete what you're going to learn, understand things that I'm going to remind you in this episode. This episode, really is going to be there to inspire you as well, because I'm going to share a part of my story with you, quite simply.

So, "There are no limits". Why? Because only you set the limits. There are no limits in this world. I am really living proof of that.

I'm not saying this to put myself on a pedestal, I'm just saying this so that all the people, and maybe you too, who put themselves down on a daily basis or who say to themselves: "oh yes, but I don't feel capable of this, of that", but we are capable of doing everything, of achieving everything, absolutely everything. The limits are only in your head, it's only at the level of your Mindset and these things that you will decide whether or not to stop polluting your mind, to stop limiting your mind on a daily basis, and once you will change your way of seeing things, there, the magic will work, the magic of life. And that's when you're going to express your full potential and you're going to simply fulfil your dreams and accomplish your mission. You have your missions. After that, it's up to you. In any case, I'm going to explain to you first of all how I grew up.

I'll do it really quickly. You have to know that when I was at school, I wasn't necessarily the best student in the class. I always, until college...

I remember, in 3rd grade, it was complicated to get into university. I had to go through a BEP. I was not at my best and I was also against, let's say, teaching, how things are taught. And quite simply, it didn't suit me. But besides that, I was thinking: "But this is weird. Why don't I fit into this mould?
So, I arrived at the BEP, I climbed the ladder, quite simply, and I'll explain this to you, because I started from a phase of my life where I had really bad marks at school up to the BEP. I said to myself: "Well, come on, now let's go. Come on, let's go ahead, let's burn the boats and let's go".

There I finished my two years where I was in the top three in the class. And then I did a technological baccalaureate. Technological baccalaureate, OK. And this technical baccalaureate, quite simply, the stress management, all that, I didn't feel very well. I remember, during the baccalaureate exams, I spent a sleepless night. I really wasn't well. And why was that? Because I didn't trust myself, quite simply. And there, I didn't trust myself, but besides that, I had this willpower and I said to myself: "Come on! I'm going, I'm moving forward. I have nothing to lose".

And what happened? My baccalaureate exam... I didn't do very well in the tests. However, I made it to the catch-up. I was the person with the most points to make up in the class. I remember there were three of us. Of those three people, I was the person who had the most points to make up, and I was the only person who got it at the rattrapage. To explain also that when I was informed of the catch-up, at that time I was working, I was doing small jobs in the summer, simply to make some income, to be able to pay for some e-cri, all that, at the time and I remember well, I was working for a transport company in warehouses at the time and I remember well that I had asked my manager to have a day off, simply to be able to do my baccalaureate test at the catch-up. And this person refused. And instead of putting me down, I said to myself:
"Well, come on, let's go! I'm leaving this job. If the person isn't capable of understanding, then so be it. It's only money or whatever. Boom! I move on. And that's what happened. I had, I think, one or two days to prepare. I gave it my all and then it paid off, quite simply, because at that moment I was really confident and I said to myself: "I'm going to do it.
I was really confident and I said to myself: "Let's go! Let's go! ". Then, what did I do? I went through different stages.
All this to explain to you that I ended up getting a Master 1, equivalent to a computer engineer, whereas I went through
a person who had in 3rd
barely average. Well, I had just the average. All that to say that really, you can do anything. That was about the
really school,
and professional level,
In other contents, I'll explain that in more detail, but all that to explain that I was an engineer in computer science, I worked there for several years. And afterwards, I did as much in project management, all that.

And I thought... I didn't belong. I didn't feel like I belonged. I had this need to always help others, also to give the best of myself every day and that's when I decided to quit my old job and start a new adventure, to be an entrepreneur.
And why am I telling you this? Because at that time, I also had problems with my English. That is, I spoke very little English. I had taken this job, I work for an international TV channel.
I worked for this TV channel for five years. Why did I get involved in this project? Because for me, at the international TV channel, I was going to exchange in English on a regular basis and this was not necessarily the case. My level of English at school was very low and I didn't really improve it in this company. And I thought, "Come on, let's go. I'm burning the boats, OK." I left on good terms: contractual termination, all that. And then I said to myself: "Well, that's it! Come on, let's go. We'll take it and see what we can do with state aid and all that". And it was a nightmare. It's very complicated, you had to wait months and months and months. And I said: "Well, come on, I'll see how much it costs and I'll go ahead".

I financed everything myself. I went to the United States. I did two months in the United States. I did almost 3 months instead. I did a month and a half in school. It was, I remember, at EF: Education First, an international school that you could find in different countries, which is really there to help you progress in English. I paid for it myself and I said to myself: "Come on, I'm going ahead. I'm paying for my tickets and all that.

I got to San Diego and I was immersed and it was really good for me. Then I said to myself: "well, I'll buy myself a month's flight ship" where I went to different big cities in the United States. I'll talk about that in other podcasts, but this was just to say that there are really no limits, no, no, no limits. I thought, "come on, let's go. "

I'm doing my flight ship and at the end of it all, I visited different countries, in Africa, in Asia, and all these experiences made me really grow in terms of self-confidence, in terms of English. Because before, I spoke very little English, as I told you before. And now, I'm practically bilingual, because for me, a bilingual is able to say very precise words. I am able to talk about many things today.

Today, I have my partner who doesn't speak French, I speak English every day, I watch films in VO, I only read books in English. All that to say, it's the limits you set for yourself that will really make your future, but it's the way you see and take action and burn the boats, that's what will make the difference. I have a lot of other things to share with you too. The idea here is not to make a 30-minute podcast. It's to respect these 10-15 minutes. We're going to go a little bit further in this podcast, to give you some inspiration, quite simply. Today, I'm coaching Entrepreneurs. I could very well have said to myself: "ah voilà, I'm not capable of coaching entrepreneurs because I don't have 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship and all that". Boolshit, boolshit,

Because what makes the difference is how you see yourself. And I know that from a very young age, I didn't learn all these things, uniqueness and all that, but I know that from a very young age, I saw myself reaching the top in I don't know what, but I knew very well that I was made for something, but I didn't really know why. And now, I have simply found my way. That is to say that I express my full potential on a daily basis, because I do everything I can on a daily basis through all the habits, all the routines, my lifestyle, and everything that allows me to progress as a human being over time, to give the best of myself,
for the people I accompany, to simply get younger with time.

I turned 36 not so long ago, on 1 November, and I have an energy on a daily basis that is progressing, a memory that is progressing, and that is enormous. These are the things that I teach the people I coach, quite simply. You follow me, OK, you don't follow me, OK too. You like what I do, OK, you don't like it, OK too. That is, I have this uniqueness. We all have it. I don't want to please everybody. That's not the point.

It's a chance today to be coached by me. It's not just to say "me, I... me, I... all that, but I see the results that the people I coach, all these people who are progressing in their daily lives, who are progressing in their business and who are progressing as human beings quite simply. After that, everyone is free to do what they want. In any case, I apply this to myself. It helps me on a daily basis. I could very well say to myself: "well, I don't teach these things, I keep it all to myself and very well. I know what to do to increase my various businesses that I will create later, but it's true that I also have this desire to share on a daily basis.

I also have this will, this vision. I say to myself: "I have no limits". That is to say, tomorrow, I could ... It's not even that I'll be able to, I'll coach personalities, I'll continue to coach politicians, I'll coach all these people, because I know very well the power and I have the confidence in everything I share, in everything I know and everything I apply on a daily basis. I know the power of all this, because I see all the changes it has brought me.

You see for example, when I was in the United States, in San Diego, I remember, one morning, I look on my Facebook feed, I just look, it was the dropshipping boom, and I thought: "ah, it's great to be able to work like that from abroad, all that". And now I'm abroad, I'm in Bali and I've been in Bali for a year and a half. Before, I was in Thailand. I lived in Thailand for a year and a half, in Bangkok, in the north of Thailand, in Chiang Mai - Pai and all that. I did different parts between Thailand, Laos, Burma... You know, I've moved around to different places, and it's just great.

So now I'm a bit more settled. The idea is really... I've optimised my environment... to move forward with my business, really to move forward as I was telling you before. It's really the limits of how you see yourself, how you perceive yourself, what you do on a daily basis that limits you, quite simply. I'll stop here. I see that it's been 15 minutes. The idea is really this. You simply set the limits for yourself.

With what I've shared with you, the idea is not to say: me, I... me, I... It's just to inspire you and to tell you that Maxime started from there, he arrived there. In other podcasts, I could also share other things with you. The idea is to do a fairly small format.

I also invite you... Yes, I've just had this in mind, it's about one-to-one coaching, today I mainly coach entrepreneurs, company directors in individual coaching, I also have people who contact me, who are more, for example, recently, I also had people who are in IT, who are more managers. I also coach these profiles. I can coach any profile, but I really coach people who want to give themselves the means to move forward and achieve their dreams. Otherwise, I don't coach. For me, I do this job today to bring massive value to my fellow man and not the other way around. To bring massive value to my fellow man and not the other way around. This is very important.

You'll be able to see in the link of this podcast, there will be different links, all that, on the social networks, all that. Don't hesitate to contact me. We'll get in touch, we'll see what we can do together and I'll be happy to accompany you. Listen, I hope you have an excellent day or evening. In any case, enjoy your life, don't limit yourself and move on! And boom! To your success!

Thank you for listening to this episode, to go further and move forward together you will find my contact details in the description of this podcast, take care of yourself and to your success.

I help Entrepreneurs to transform their lives through the elements that have allowed me to transform mine : Mindset, Energy, Discipline.