Humility is reason, what the power of daily actions bring to a being, to humanity. Maxime Froget

Each person reacts differently to a situation, the human being is unique, it is a fact, emotions are manifested in different ways depending on the individual, but they all have a role to play in the construction, such as the destruction of a being.

Thought patterns

It is clear that a split has always been present in our society. Some people remain stingy, for example, while others are sharing, the good health of the group.

This is one of the many elements that lead to the creation of different thought patterns, which will be perceived by one or the other of the parties as a total inconsistency.

Normality is only a mental projection which is nourished by the past of a being, what it was created for, what makes it vibrate, what it can spend days, nights, relentlessly in order to learn, understand, implement, optimize, all the knowledge he acquires over time and which gives him so much pleasure.

What is my place in this world ?

We all do our part in this world, with as a preamble, the exit from the system preestablished by the ruling elites. Reconnecting with your doubts, your fears, your zest for life, having your own opinion on a subject, no longer following the crowd, this is essential for those who want to take charge of their life and contribute to it. humanity, the work of his life.

How to react in the face of adversity

Many people weaken over time, popular discourse often leads to saying:

Anything that doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

It is a fact, yes, however it will all depend on the context in which the person was immersed.

We cannot imagine how decisive the emotions, what they generate, can be decisive in our lives.

Learning from mistakes is essential, at any time in your life, the school of life is necessary, yes. However, this does not in any way replace a deep work on his being, on a daily basis. Indeed, we store our emotions of intense pleasure, as well as pain, deep within us.

Over time, this weakens us, we must do what is necessary to free ourselves from these sufferings, before they have a harmful impact on our daily lives.

Keep in mind that failure is a success, but that a healthy body, as well as a spirit freed from all suffering will guarantee you happiness and success, for life.

Why do more people become fragile ?

Our thinking patterns have been shattered over time, our current society conditions us from an early age and our freedoms are gradually fading away.

Now is the time for social media, with the notable illusion that happiness is through the glass of a screen.

Now, it is indeed possible to get more emotions (sadness, joy, desire …) in a few minutes, simply by browsing through its various social networks. Remember, this has a huge impact over time, on the intimate connection we have with our being, the essence of our thoughts, our future emotions and the choices we make.

Few people protect themselves from all this masquerade, which has the effect of accelerating this dynamic of change within the group.

The leaders of tomorrow

Antifragility allows much more than anything that the current system can bring us. This is a key quality which will be the competence of the leaders of tomorrow.

So many people find themselves in precarious situations, financially, spiritually, at the level of their health, this is no coincidence, the keys to the emancipation of a being are precisely buried in the depths of each of us, take just take the time, take the time.

Understanding the world we live in, understanding the future by using powerful tools on our being, our body, will become a prerequisite for survival over time.


The human being is capable of many things, his thoughts and actions can lead him to his loss, as to reason and to his development.

However, nothing will replace the connection he can have with the group, with humanity, a physical connection based on healthy and robust ties.

Fear is only a mental projection, which dissipates over time, life experiences, work on oneself.

Keep in mind that no one but you knows what is good for you, as long as this takes place in a constructive dynamic, of progression for humanity, anything is possible.