8 Steps to Reconnect with Yourself

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We have heard how important it is to be connected with ourselves, especially in the personal development world but, what does it mean? Reconnecting with yourself is taking time off to reflect on ourselves and our life to define our needs and biggest dreams.

In our modern world, we spend so much time doing and very little being. We are busy and mostly overworked. And often, we forget how important it is to take a break. Being in a constant state of achievement without taking time to breath can often lead to an emotional burn-out reflecting a lack of connection with our true selves.

Here, you will find 8 steps that will lead you to find yourself back and slowly but surely, transform your life for the better.

person sitting with a plaid over their legs reading a book with a mug in their hand
Person sitting with a plaid over their legs reading a book with a mug in their hand

1. Take some time for yourself

It might be obvious for many but telling you to take some time off to take care of yourself might be a good reminder. When was the last time you stopped everything you were doing to focus on self-care? Here, we don’t talk about accomplishing something special anymore but instead, we suggest you sit with yourself to fulfil your needs and do things that make you feel good. So, start by leaving beside all obligations and focus on caring for yourself a little more.

three girls from the back raising their arms to the sky in front of a sunset
Three girls from the back raising their arms to the sky in front of a sunset

2. Follow your desires

Since you’ve made room in your busy schedule, now you can start focusing on what makes you feel good. What is it that you’ve been wanting to do for so long and haven’t had time to achieve yet because of lacking time? It can be taking a long bath, reading this book you bought ages ago, exercising and so on. The target here is to do what makes you feel good.

3. Clean your contacts

Or better, take a look at who you surround yourself with. Reconnecting to yourself is also being around the right people, those who care for you, who cheer you up, who bring positivity and support when you need it. We have this tendency to please others and keep toxic relationships in our lives despite all the negative aspects this brings. But, there is no real obligation to keep anyone who brings you down in your surrounding. It’s time for a ‘connection spring clean’!

two girls training in a crossfit gym, one doing push-ups while the other holds conditioning ropes
Two girls training in a crossfit gym, one doing push-ups while the other holds conditioning ropes

4. Sweat it out

Nothing new here, exercising brings positive results. But, more than exercising, practising a regular activity brings back the sensations in your body, enabling you to reconnect to yourself. Whether it is walking, running, being part of a team, doing yoga or just stretching, your muscles wake up, your breath accelerates, your body stretches and, often, you will realise how much you have forgotten all the functions of your body. Getting active enables you to feel it all again. Afterwards, you will feel so much better that you will want more! So, if at the beginning, you struggle to motivate yourself, do not hesitate and book a session with a personal trainer. He or she will help you stay motived and will adapt the exercises to your body type. They will design a program only for you and your level of fitness to bring you back on track. Also, don’t forget to check with your local club and the diverse organisations in your local community. They might offer something you like and help you get the motivation you need. Finally, check the large number of videos you can find online for your home practice too.

5. Meditate

Everybody talks about the positive effects of meditation. But often, we forget to mention that meditating is mainly a tool to reconnect to ourselves. Meditating is foremost the best way to concentrate on your breath and to feel your lungs inhaling and expelling air, the primary function to our survival. A constant meditation practice will enable you to access your body sensations fully and to feel home again. If you don’t meditate yet, know that only 5 minutes a day of this practice is enough to have positive effects on your life.

6. Switch to a healthy diet

The way we eat reflects how we feel in our inside and has an impact on our outside. Eating junk food, fast-food or pour nutritious food, is detrimental. It can lead to stress, sadness or in general, poor self-esteem. Making the conscious choice to start eating more healthy is a way to begin recognising your primal nutritious needs and what your body craves for functioning in its full capacity. It is not about making a drastic change from one day to another but to transition according to your rhythm and proceed step by step. Here again, it’s recommended to seek some help when shifting of diet to make sure that your body receives the best nutrients it needs. We are all different and, all have different needs so, a nutritional coach will help you transition to a healthier diet.

open fountain pen on a notebook with visible notes
Open fountain pen on a notebook with visible notes 

7. Journal

If you haven’t read The Miracle Morning yet, then we can only recommend this bestseller. The most successful businessmen have adopted the Hal Erold method. One of the highlights of this methodology is to journal every day. Journaling or scribing aims to lie on paper your emotions, dreams, desires as well as what bothers you to be able to reflect on your life and set short and long-term goals to achieve success. Journaling can be as quick as a 5 minutes daily practice and will change your life. A real game-changer to reconnect to yourself and achieve your goals!

person reading a book with a mug marked 80/20
Person reading a book with a mug marked 80/20

8. Take a personal development course

Finally, to reconnect to yourself, the best way is probably to take a personal development course. Holistic coaches are very sought-after and, there is a reason for it. They are qualified to help you find yourself back. They will guide you in your ups and downs, help you overcome the blockages preventing you living your life to its fullest and discover again who you are and how to achieve your goals. Most of us navigate through life following society and family’s expectations without asking ourselves what our authentic needs are. But, not following our calling can lead to feeling lost, unhappy and even to a burn-out.

It’s time to look into the large offer of online personal development courses, hire a life coach, book a seminar, go into a transformative retreat or read some of the self-help books available on the market. So many topics are available from overcoming a burn-out and family conflicts to creating a successful business and discover the art of being happy every day.


We hope that these steps will help you with reconnecting with yourself. It is normal to be lost at times and to have forgotten what your true desires are. The best you can do is to ask for help from professionals who have walked the path of success and who will hold you in unfolding your real self.

We wish you a beautiful reconnection with yourself, please share this article that others can benefit from it too.

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