Energy is not Just what you Think…

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Energy is not a due, but a process to be respected, justlike wealth… Maximum Life
Energy becomes the center of our attention when we begin tofeel its benefits in all aspects of our life. Maximum Life
duracell rabbit running
Duracell rabbit running

The story of the little Duracell rabbit…

I’m not going to present it to you; you probably already know it…

This little rabbit that never stops moving, thanks to the power of this famous battery.

This is a good example to put you in the condition of what will follow in this article.

In the Duracell advertisement we see energy as a vector of progress, we simply cannot stop this famous rabbit from moving forward and yet this is what we have been since the beginning of time...

But then why do you need an external element to advance? While everything is happening deep within us…

This is a good question, and I will be happy to explain my point of view to you in the next few lines.

wind farms on top of mountains
Wind farms on top of mountains

Creating Energy

As Nicolas Tesla said :

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, information, and vibration. Nicolas Tesla

And he was not wrong… Indeed it is all a question of energy in this world, the simple fact of speaking, the vibrational field that we share at this moment will be as much information that can be processed by the brain(s) of your audience,

Physiologically our body needs glycogen, it is a stock of glucose, of complex carbohydrates, which we find in our liver, our muscles. To do this, a whole series of processes are carried out, called digestive processes, in order to transform food, a form visible to humans, into nutrients, a form visible under a microscope, in order to nourish all the cells of our body.

So what we eat is transformed into a component that our bodies can assimilate to supply our cells.

baby with his head in a cream cake
Baby with his head in a cream cake

I eat, I feed myself…

He then comes to ask, why do some people have more energy than others, if they eat the same amount (calories) of food?

This question is legitimate, here are some answers.

Feeding your body does not simply mean filling a bag every day, actually feeding yourself is rather an intelligent process that comes down to connecting with our ancestors, regaining control of our senses.

Man has evolved exponentially in recent centuries, but what about our physiological needs? It’s simple, our bodies have not really mutated, they have adapted but can only function optimally with food adapted to what we are.

Respecting our body, respecting our food, having gratitude for each meal we consume is an essential approach to our development.

Eating raw, unprocessed food, local, in season, the contribution of minerals, fibres, vitamins, all those micronutrients that our body needs to function optimally, cannot be neglected.

lighted bulb in a person hands
Lighted bulb in a person hands

Energy consumption in our body

Our body uses energy through our brain, our nervous system, our muscles, our digestive system. The one who consumes the most being …

The digestive system, and for a good reason, the transformation of food into nutrients, requires more energy from a set of organs (esophagus, liver, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas, small intestine, appendix, colon, rectum).

So the way we are going to feed our temple, that is to say respecting the food combinations, not mixing proteins and carbohydrates, for example, eating mindfully, peacefully, and eating on a beach given schedule (cf. intermittent fasting), will allow you, over time, to increase your energy threshold.

Because yes, the period of fasting is necessary, the process of autophagy, reached after 14-16h of fasting, allows the cleansing of the body. During this phase, our body feeds on fatty tissue (or fats), degenerate cells…

So we get better assimilation of nutrients, and our digestive processes will optimize over time.

captain america shield in a window
Captain america shield in a window 

Protection of our body and energy

It’s not just the food part, as you know the body is a whole, we are not stomachs on legs… 🙂

The mind is a primordial point, maintaining good mental health is also the key to future success, it goes from the people you meet, your sources of information, progressions, your ability to anchor to resonate with your strong interior.

There is also the aspect of physical protection of your body because our environment is increasingly polluted (air, water, food, electromagnetic waves …).

All these factors will make your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual body more or less clogged and will consume energy correlated with your environment. The parallel with a car with dirty filters and its fuel consumption clearly has its place here.


To say hastily that we have little or no energy because we are aging is a decoy, which the current system wants you to believe in remaining consumers of all kinds of supplements.

As I said in the introduction, energy is not due but is acquired over time, methodology, and discipline.

Keeping in mind that wanting to change a multitude of habits, in a very short period of time, without being supervised is by far the practice that will bring you closer to the wall the fastest.

With all my compassion,
Maxime Froget

I help Entrepreneurs to transform their lives through the elements that have allowed me to transform mine : Mindset, Energy, Discipline.