How to Balance Your Daily Life? [Transcript]

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Today I wanted to talk to you about the notion of balance, for me this notion is really essential.

In today's society we are really focused on performance and competition.

We tend to forget ourselves, to forget who we are, to forget to live simply, to live our lives and to move forward with simple things.




The first thing I would like to talk about is the pillars of our happiness.

For me, the basis is love, personal fulfilment as a human being, developing oneself.

To have a rich life, rich from a spiritual point of view, rich in meaning, to be in harmony with your body, your mind.

It's all about taking care of yourself, as you know, the more you love yourself, the more you will be able to love others and the more you will love yourself the more you will be a magnet for the people around you.

Since everything in this world is about love, this will also allow you to have a stable love relationship, to understand your partner more.

We are all connected as you know and this connection is made via the heart, I really invite you to take time for yourself and learn to listen to yourself.

I am now going to talk to you about professional accomplishment, which for entrepreneurs is the success of a business or businesses, investments.

So it's a business development, it's time, focus, energy, it's also about developing your network,
it also takes time, focus and energy.

All these things require full involvement and full availability for your business, for your customers and to provide them with the best solution, the best service you can provide.

And all of this can be a brake on your personal development, as well as being a booster, it all depends on the vision that you have, your business vision and the vision also as I said to bring more love and benefits to your clients, rather than focusing on the monetary part.

It's all about energy and love in this world and being fully connected with that and supporting people all over the world will, de facto, help you to grow your business.

Also come the part on lifestyle, what will make your results is this notion of balance on nutrition, sport, habits, but for that the goal is precisely not to go into extremes.

Personally, from a nutritional point of view for example, I have tested different diets, whether it be frugivorism, crudivorism, vegan, vegan crudivore, paleo, I have also tested different diets such as keto.

Everything will depend on your environment and the energy factor, energy expenditure that you are going to put in there and your objectives.

The goal is not to put too much energy into something that is far from your goals or that is the opposite of what you really want.

So in order to keep this notion of balance on a daily basis, what I advise you to do is to analyse your days as you know time is not extensible, but it is divisible, what I really suggest is to have in mind this balance between your professional goals and the whole personal part.

As you know, if you put too much energy into your business and you forget yourself completely, with time you will generate more fatigue and this energy that you have less will make you less productive, will make you less creative, and your exchanges with others will also suffer, with your customers, with your prospects.

The aim of all this is that you can give the best version of yourself every day and evolve as a human being.

To do this, I advise you to set up a daily or weekly review where you can formalise the different pillars, put them in a table and say each day what you have put in place, in broad terms of course, on each of these pillars.

Of course, everything depends on your objectives, everything depends on where you start and where you want to go and, overall, as you know, a rich life, rich in meaning, is a life that is balanced overall.

This balance, as I explained to you earlier, will allow you to really give the best of yourself on a daily basis.

I also advise you to set up a colour code in your diary, that is to say, to have, for example, your work blocks in blue, to have a specific colour for all the relaxation, family and friends, that will allow you to visually see this balance in your week.

These are things that I use on a daily basis and that really allow you to get out of this discomfort that you can sometimes feel and not understand where it comes from.

To conclude this podcast on the notion of balance, I wanted to return to the pillar of love.

Indeed, you can't love someone more than yourself and the fact of taking care of your relationships, by balancing the time you spend taking care of your partner, your family, your entourage will allow you to have more energy on your other pillars.

Professional accomplishment, happiness does not necessarily lie in the development of your turnover but in the love and positive changes that you will bring to your clients.

On the health part I would invite you to put in place this balance, but not only, also go gradually towards your goals.

I see a lot of my clients coming in saying, "Maxime, I have an energy problem and I have a focus problem, I want to go there."

"And how quickly do you want to do that?"

"Within a month I don't want to waste time on social networks, I want to be much more energetic when I wake up, I want to have much more willpower."

But all these things come with time and you can't do them with a snap of your fingers, nor can you force yourself to do them, because if you force yourself to do things, you don't like yourself anymore.

The goal is to do things with love and things that speak to you, that speak to your being, that speak to who you really are and we are all different.

So to act on this pillar of lifestyle, I really advise you to act with method, with love and to go gradually.

I help Entrepreneurs to transform their lives through the elements that have allowed me to transform mine : Mindset, Energy, Discipline.