How to Love Discipline? [Transcript]

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Today I'm going to talk to you about a question that often comes up with my clients who say to me "Maxime, how can I keep my habits in the long term?

Indeed, this word discipline often comes up in the field of entrepreneurship and business management.

Through this podcast I will give you tips that will allow you to make a difference in your daily life on the short, medium and long term.




It is true that we live in a world that is increasingly focused on immediate pleasure, entertainment...

This is expressed by daily shots of dopamine, as a reminder, dopamine is the happiness hormone, it is the main neurotransmitter used in the reward, pleasure circuit.

Food (fatty, sweet, salty), salt as a taste enhancer, one of the hacks used by manufacturers to increase the perception of taste to your taste buds.

Social networks (notifications, like, feed), video platforms (infinite content adapted to our preferences)

Human beings no longer know who they are and what they are doing

This word is often associated with difficulty, sweat, loss of pleasure, as if you had to give your all and forget yourself to achieve your goals.

This is how many people start an activity and after a few weeks/months, throw in the towel.

We will see later that this is normal and can be easily explained.

I'll tell you a story about when I started a transition to a vegan diet 6 years ago.

At the time I was very focused on how to clean up my body, eat as healthy as possible, I came to try several diets.

I remember starting this raw vegan diet in the middle of winter, at the time I was still living in France.

I remember my first salads of raw cabbage, carrots, without seasoning, I ate at that time not to please myself but to reach my goal
I was eating at that time not to please myself but to reach my goal of eating only raw food or heating it to less than 50° to keep all the benefits of the food, I was in the middle of a discipline crisis without knowing it 🙂

The more time went by the more tired I was, this was because I was eating with no strategy, I was consuming too much raw food containing hard to digest fibres, like carrot.

I was focused on micro-nutrients (for the most known: vitamins, minerals, trace elements), forgetting about macros (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids).

Through this example you can see that something was missing in my equation, healthy food but loss of energy despite a lot of discipline to have the cleanest diet possible.

Loving your body

  • By eating healthy and varied food correctly and with pleasure, without becoming paranoid.
  • By having a rational physical activity in relation to your objectives.
  • By getting enough rest to have every chance of accomplishing your life mission the next day.

Loving your mind

By being able to bring him what is good for him to progress each day (reading, podcast, quality information).

Knowing how to clean up one's thoughts, through meditation for example, knowing how to empty oneself and not think about anything.

I remember how I felt after the Vipassana meditation retreat I did in Yangon, Burma.

For information Vipassana is the meditation technique used by Sidharta Gothama, known as Buddha to reach enlightenment.

At the end of this retreat, rather intense because after 100 hours of meditation (10h of meditation per day during 10 days).

It was 10 days without speaking, without having contact with the eyes, without book, telephone, computer, 10 days without leaving the retreat centre, it is rather intense, but it was also the most beautiful experience of my life.

Why is that? Simply because even if it may seem complicated to implement, requiring a lot of discipline...

What allowed me to stay until the end of this retreat, because yes many novice like me had stopped after a few days.

What allowed me to stay despite the adaptability that this experience requires, was the love, the love that I had for myself at that moment.

Our hectic lives are often a reflection of our discomfort.

I remember the day I returned to the hotel, I was completely grounded, fully feeling the present moment and the beauty of life.

Everything around me that seemed normal was a real discovery as if I had been reborn.

I took a few more days to find myself and welcome this change, then I went back to my phone, computer.

My perception with these tools was then very strange, I really wondered what I was doing, my mind had a hard time to adapt again to what we call technology...

For information I wrote an article on this extraordinary experience of having meditated 100 hours in 10 days.

I also transcribed it in audio, you can find it in the blog section of and in the comments of this podcast.

Loving your daily life

  • Having a life mission that drives you, routines that fit your goals and your environment
  • Being grateful for the simple things in life.
  • Having the ability to get out of the digital world, out of business and into the present moment.

Loving those around you

By being surrounded by people you really love, far from any judgments, people with whom you really vibrate.

This is a fact, pure discipline, without love, without strategy, will get you nowhere, if anywhere at all.

Life is a gift, a gift that allows us to express our creativity, our talent to humanity.

Discipline seen in the facet of changing your habits out of love for you, above all, will allow you to keep your habits.

Evolve every day, through the work you will do on yourself and turn your dreams into reality.

I help Entrepreneurs to transform their lives through the elements that have allowed me to transform mine : Mindset, Energy, Discipline.