How To Undertake in a Difficult Context? [Transcript]

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Today I'm going to talk to you about a topical subject, a subject that concerns all human beings on this earth.

We are currently living in a historical moment in the history of our humanity, our daily life is changing every day, which requires us to adapt.

Many people are caught up in fear, fear of missing out, fear of acting, fear of the future, these people are tetanised and suffer.

Through this podcast I will give you a different vision of the situation, a vision that will allow you to gain confidence and overcome this ordeal with love.




In order to get a better understanding of the context we are living in, we need to take a step back from what is happening to us and why.

Difficult contexts to live in have always existed in our societies, at different scales, and this is what makes us the beings we are today.

However, our current world, being more and more disconnected from our reality, a majority of people miss out on the essential things in life, those that make up a complete human being.

As an entrepreneur, a global situation in which health, the economy and politics are undermined by external consequences requires an additional capacity to adapt.

This is what makes and has always made the difference between entrepreneurs, this ability to step back, to analyse the terrain, to analyse the present in order to create the future.

The human being, reacting to emotions, often finds himself in trouble in this kind of situation.

Because of our capacity to interact with our environment, to exchange with the beings around us, to transmit our emotions, our vibrations, our love, we are really antennas that capture everything that gravitates around us.

As for our mind, always ready to overflow with imagination and to recreate the vision of our reality.

This very reality is distorted today in the societies we live in, which is gradually moving away from what makes up the human, that is to say, simple exchanges, rich in meaning that feed our minds.
By analysing the current situation more closely, we can state that more and more people are being led by their fears of all kinds.

It is natural to be afraid, the human being was designed that way, but a constant fear that solicits more of the sympathetic nervous system, i.e. the use of the fight or flight system, is not an environment in which humans can thrive and endure.

This explains the situation in which many human beings find themselves today.

There are many reasons for this: lack of faith, lack of love for oneself and one's neighbour, lack of self-confidence.

But this is not new, our humanity has been led over time to put aside what makes us unique, loving and thinking beings.

The way we live, the way we breathe, the way we eat, the way we interact with our environment is a reflection of our daily lives.

I'll give you a very simple example, how many of you eat mindfully? How many of you, before ingesting anything into your body, have beautiful thoughts for the creator God, the Universe, this invisible world that surrounds us and takes care of us every day.

It's a fact that, with time, human beings no longer really know what they are, no longer really know why they do things on a daily basis, and often have a strong relationship with the material environment that leads them to their downfall.

Wisdom, love, recognition, dignity, modesty, are all factors that make us accomplished beings.

So how does this answer the question I asked you in the introduction to this podcast, how to undertake in a difficult context.

The first thing to consider is difficulty, that word that often tends to be synonymous with sweat, energy expenditure, negativity.

As you know, your environment, the vision you have of reality, is a reflection of your thoughts, your past, the interpretation you have of your own reality.

As a coach, I have to help you to take a step back on what will make you a fulfilled being, who will have all the capacities to overcome the trials of your life.

All the things I have mentioned above are a consequence of a lack of love for yourself and a lack of focus on what will elevate your soul.

The western world has gone out of that inner depth where wisdom lies.

He has entered the superficial and frivolous realm where endless speeches are made.

Most of the beings you meet tell you many things externally, but none internally; they speak words of which nothing remains in your soul.

The initiates, on the other hand, speak to you mainly inwardly, and therefore you cannot forget what they have told you in your whole life. The most important thing is to be nourished, to be alive and then to do philosophy and science if you have the taste and the time.

It is therefore this food that I propose to you today, to take the time to be yourself, to take the time to have rich activities so beneficial for your spirit.

Knowing how to listen, learning to appreciate the present moment, getting out of the digital world, reconnecting with nature, connecting with the beings with whom you are in vibration, being at peace and breathing love on a daily basis.

This requires the establishment of daily routines and the ability to implement them over the long term.

I sincerely wanted to share this vision with you, the more time goes by and the more I move away from today's society, I get closer to the person I really am, gifted with love for his fellow man and full of beautiful attentions.

It is this person today, rich in life's teachings, that the Creator, God, the Universe, teaches me on a daily basis.

This person who dedicates his time to his fellow man, to bring him what he needs to grow as a person and to inspire humanity by his natural talent.

I help Entrepreneurs to transform their lives through the elements that have allowed me to transform mine : Mindset, Energy, Discipline.