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Loïc Frissard is an SEO expert and investor in startups.

He shares with us how he managed to become financially independent.

To your success,

Maxime Froget

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Video Chapters

00:00 Intro + Presentation Loïc Frissard​

12:13 The School System and Wage Earners​
14:04 The Health of Life​

15:19 Uniqueness and Impact on Society​
17:39 How I met Loïc​

18:33 The Habits​

21:25 Organization​

28:39 Motivation, Comfort Zone and Obligation​
31:10 Listening to your Body and Getting out of your Comfort Zone​
33:19 Balance and Purpose in Life​

38:49 SEO tips from Loïc​

41:22 Loïc's Business and Passive Income​

44:37 Investing in Startups and Cryptocurrency​

47:32 Diversity Brings Us​

49:01 The Wealth of Human Connections (My Trip to Senegal)​

51:04 Being a Digital Nomad​

52:59 Life Balance​

53:50 Human Connections, the Network​

56:41 Giving to the Next Person​

58:26 How to Contact Loïc

loic frissard seo expert investor
Loic Frissard - SEO Expert, Investor

How to Contact Loïc Frissard?

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