Time to Convey Love and Raise Spirituality

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Happy New Year! I wish you Peace and Love!

The year 2020 started in a rather special way, and the coronavirus has now become the center of attention around the world, not to mention the state of the financial markets.

The information disseminated has never been so toxic, the mainstream media are once again trying to be the conductor of our thoughts and emotions.

Many countries have health security procedures in place to control the spread of the coronavirus and go as far as confining their citizens.

dinosaur skeleton in the sand
Dinosaur skeleton in the sand

What are we going to become?

So what to do? Turn on the TV and regularly find out about the next events? Consult his Facebook wall, Instagram, the latest tweets to find out what our next day will be like?

Human beings are curious in nature, engineers working on social networks understand this very well, they are working to make these platforms particularly addictive.

Several studies demonstrate the harmfulness of these platforms, and this is not getting better, this inventory is probably an alarming finding, but as much to be realistic …

change sign
Change sign


Faced with all this anxiety-provoking information, this incessant media noise, what can we do?

Our primary instinct, this element that we lose over time in our civilized societies, is it not currently overused?

Besides, do you know the main life goals of a human being?
It’s a good question…

Survive and reproduce, moreover our consumer society is based solely on these two factors.

This article's essence is to defuse the bomb that you were currently preparing in the back of your mind …

morpheus offering a red pill and a blue pill
Morpheus offering a red pill and a blue pill

What should I do?

The only thing that has always triumphed in this world remains Love and Faith.

Now is the time to focus on these key factors in the development of a human being.

Indeed, nothing can replace our feelings of love, kindness, gratitude, tenderness, we are dedicated to love, help and share with those around us.
Take back control of our lives, our mind above all, it remains the centerpiece of our well-being.

A mental imbalance cannot be filled with a massive dose of anxiety-provoking information harmful to humans.

Let us not forget that we have the capacity to capture the vibrations of our environment; these can come from sounds, words, images…

They all have the same characteristic, that of generating emotions, pleasant or not.

human sitting down on top of a building
Human sitting down on top of a building

Step back is so beneficial

This step back is now vital; the ultra-connected world in which we bathe daily, the speed at which information is conveyed, can quickly affect our minds and emotions.

Disconnecting from all these sources of information interfering with our natural functioning is essential, which I advise you to do as soon as possible.

Returning to simple, natural things is the key to psychological and physiological balance.

hands of different colors being united
Hands of different colors being united

There is no difference, only Love

In this world, there are multiple profiles of people, atheists, practitioners of different religions, but one thing connects them all, their heart and their faith.

Life is not just a series of Cartesian events; it is above all, an adventure, a spiritual and intellectual journey that makes us unique.

So do we love as we are, no matter our skin color, social status, or religious affiliation…

This situation is an extraordinary moment allowing us to express our love daily, our love for life quite simply.

With all my compassion,
Maxime Froget

I help Entrepreneurs to transform their lives through the elements that have allowed me to transform mine : Mindset, Energy, Discipline.