Who Are we Really?

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Our inner wealth is so infinite, that we completely ignore it. Maximum Life

The objective of this analysis is not so much scientific, but rather to express a global feeling, the fruit of personal observation over time.


  • What conditions human beings on this earth ?
  • Why do they feel more stress at times ?
  • What gives life a bitter taste?
  • What elements will condition my future ? My joy ? My love ?

We could find a thousand reasons to wonder about this.

Thought can be creative, as well as its opposite, it is the very essence of life and of our emotions.

Yes, indeed, it is not so simple to analyze our emotions, behaviors, drifts, because our unique mind is the source of a past which also has all these specificities.

It is then that everything begins, the search for who we are, why we are on this earth, our Cartesian mind searches for answers in order to feed the depth of its attention. The trap of our “modern” society can then close against us, or, on the contrary, raise our level of consciousness.

person trapped in his mind
Person trapped in his mind

Our Mind Conditions Us

With time, the different experiences of life, it is sometimes necessary to take the time to ask ourselves, to take stock of what led us to this stage of our life and what were the reasons for it.

As you will probably have noticed, it is quite possible to go around in circles for days, weeks, months, years, in order to access what really makes us vibrate, illuminates our spirit, our soul and is fully the source of our happiness.

Spiritual awareness is a beautiful gateway that allows the emancipation of the human species. I do not mean in any case here the religions which represent external entities, we speak here of you, of your unique being, of your Faith.

It is with fervor, passion and Love, as our life is consumed, that the doors open, offering us immense possibilities. The latter are the result of our cognitive capacities, allowing us to adapt, on a daily basis, to a new environment.

butterflies hearts musical notes of several colors coming out of a person head
Butterflies, hearts, musical notes of several colors coming out of a person head

Mind, Spirituality and Creation

The very essence of creativity is inscribed in each of us, our creative genius continues to emancipate within us, but still we must have access to it… and yet all the keys to our safe are found at most close to our being…

We can see different paths, to achieve a similar result, just like the opposite, there is no rationality when we talk about creativity, even less about who we are, or must be.

person meditating in lotus position
Person meditating in lotus position

The art of prayer, meditation and anchoring…

Access to our subconscious represents a significant starting point, or even mandatory in order to begin this journey, which cannot fully begin without reaching high levels of vibration.

This ultimate source of inspiration and adaptability, an area of ​​our mind that has more answers to our questions, is actually a reflection of our soul, conscience and our past.

People around the world regularly pray, meditate, use multiple rituals, customs; all for the sole purpose of accessing this state of hypnosis, which will lead them to their subconscious.

Indeed, when a being completely indulges in a ritual, a divinity, he enters at this moment in a state which can be scientifically perceived as a state of trans.

This state will then allow him to leave his mind, functioning past / present / future and will give him access to the present moment, without the mental filters which are generally applied to it, the perception of our reality is unique, it is the very essence of our past.


This article is not intended to give a precise, Cartesian answer, about who we really are, because there is simply none.

I humbly wrote it to provide you with food for thought, which will probably be useful to us in this period of uncertainty and isolation to which a large number of human beings do not know how to respond.

With all my compassion,
Maxime Froget

I help Entrepreneurs to transform their lives through the elements that have allowed me to transform mine : Mindset, Energy, Discipline.